KAC Muzzle Devices

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With a KAC muzzle device for sale, eliminating flash and reducing recoil is simple. Strong and long-lasting, KAC muzzle devices are designed to improve control and handling by lessening felt recoil and eliminating flash, turning your rifle into a battle-ready tool with undisputed performance. These muzzle gadgets can reduce recoil by up to 67% depending on the barrel length of your rifle and can battle both muzzle rise and drift. There is a flash hider and muzzle brake from Knights Armament designed to to suit your AR, with variations for 7.62 and 5.56 NATO and thread pitches available in 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 3/4×24. Find a wide range of KAC components and accessories at costs that make enhancing the performance of your rifle very doable.

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